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Reduce implementation efforts and project complexity right out of the box. These solutions are already pre-configured, so we are able to immediately “turn on” these features for you at no additional charge.
Records Management

Records Management

Records Management in the Nanavati Cloud will allow you to manage the complete lifecycle of all of your enterprise information while ensuring regulatory compliance and reducing the risks associated with audits and litigation. The retention and disposition or destruction of content can be controlled in accordance with your internal policies and external regulations.
Records Management

Extended ECM

Eliminate information silos and simplify deployments with Exended ECM services in the Nanavati Cloud. Integrate content services with enterprise applications like SAP, Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, Oracle and more. Our scalable cloud model gives you peace of mind because you are only paying for what you need.
Records Management

Email Management

The Nanavati Cloud will securely store, manage, and retrieve your organization’s email content. Achieve and maintain compliance in accordance with external regulations by offloading large amounts of emails from your on-premise mail server to a long-term cloud solution.
Records Management

Document Management

Stay in control over your enterprise documents throughout its lifecycle with Document Management in the Nanavati Cloud. Easily capture, store, track and retrieve documents to improve employee productivity and reduce your company’s corporate risk through good governance practices.

Personalized to your needs

We make sure to take the time to learn about your requirements so we can tailor and customize these solutions to your business needs.

Workflows and Forms

Built in features of the Nanavati Cloud include Workflows and Forms. Cumbersome and outdated business practices can be upgraded, modernized and automated with workflows. Workflows encourage efficiency and reduces errors while processing work. Accelerate information gathering using forms to collect, validate, and process information efficiently from customers, employees and integrated systems.