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What to Consider?

Moving to the Cloud can be a transformative decision for your enterprise. Therefore, it is important to first look at what the cloud journey entails.
Step 1
How much is your on-premises solution?
Step 2
How much would it cost on the Cloud?
Step 3
Compare costs and benefits
Step 4
Decide and plan for migration to the Cloud
Stop overspending with your on-premise solution. The Nanavati Cloud offers more versatile and scalable IT services that can save you money.

Take inventory of your data

To begin your journey to the Cloud, you must look at the information that you want to move.

We move it for you

Once you have identified what you want to move, our experts will migrate your system to the Cloud.

Log in

Your Cloud Migration is complete and all you have to do is log in.

Migrations with Other Solutions

If you are looking to replace your legacy on-premises ECM system with a cloud hosted solution, our team can custom tailor a migration strategy to our Cloud. By modernizing your legacy ECM system, you can then enjoy all the benefits of the OpenText Content Server platform without the headaches of managing the solution for your enterprise.

OpenText Migration

If you are currently running an OpenText solution on-premises, we can easily migrate your system to our Nanavati Cloud without your users noticing any There are many variables and options to leveraging your current OpenText investments to the Cloud. If you are looking to move your OpenText solution to the cloud, we can identify the best cloud migration strategy for you.

Already have OpenText Licenses?

Many customers want to transition to the Cloud but feel as though they can’t because they own perpetual licenses. With the Nanavati Cloud, we give you options. We can transfer those licenses to our Cloud so that you can keep your OpenText investments. Another option would be to start fresh with a new license on the Nanavati Cloud and we will discount your monthly subscription fees. You can confidently transition to the Nanavati Cloud without fear of compromising your past investments.


While many organizations may be on unsupported versions of OpenText, we can help your company upgrade to the latest supported version. Your enterprise can take advantage of all of the innovative features and capabilities of OpenText applications on the Nanavati Cloud. Once you are on our Cloud, we will take care of all of your future upgrades and patching needs at no cost to you.