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The Cloud is quickly becoming a business imperative. As companies focus on their core business, IT departments must do more with less even in the backdrop of ever-changing complex technologies and increasing cyber security threats. The answer is the Cloud. With the Nanavati Cloud, organizations can simplify, secure, and scale their ECM solutions while also realizing a net savings.
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Simplify your IT footprint by moving your on-premises ECM system to the Cloud

ECM implemented on-premises requires software, hardware, and staff resources with highly specialized skills to operate.

Remove this complexity and headache from your IT operations by using our Nanavati ECM Cloud which is based on the industry leading OpenText Content Suite platform, a DoD 5015.2 certified records management solution.

We will handle all upgrades, patching, and technical issues that may pop up so you can focus on your other key business systems

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Move your data to the Cloud so it will be protected and always available for your users, making data security and availability one less thing you’ll have to worry about.

Securing an ECM solution on-premises requires a comprehensive cyber-protection and resiliency plan that accounts for cyber attacks, unforeseen circumstances and technical failures.

This is not a simple endeavor. With the Nanavati ECM Cloud, you can rest assured that these protections and recovery mechanisms are all in place.

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With our Cloud, you can scale up or down easily. There’s little to no planning necessary. And even better, you only pay for the current scale that you need.

One of the most difficult things to estimate when designing and implementing an ECM solution on-premises is determining scale.

How many servers do I need? How powerful should they be?

How much storage do I need? Now, and in the future?

With our Cloud, you can scale up or down easily. There’s little to no planning necessary.

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When factoring in all the costs for an on-premises solution, moving to the Cloud is generally the lower cost option.

What may come as a surprise is our Cloud solution actually costs less than implementing and supporting an on-premises solution.

We’ve analyzed the costs and in most cases, it is less expensive to move to our ECM Cloud.

How is that possible you ask?

Using efficiencies from economies of scale (bulk license purchases, outsized hardware, shared resources, specialized architecture) and our technical expertise attained from over 20 years of experience, we can provide our ECM Cloud solution to you at a substantial cost savings.